The Neo-Colonization and Termination of Native Reservations 2017

Standing Rock camp is rounding up this week, after at least 10 months of activation to stop oil pipelines through North Dakota. At stake was the health and welfare of the Stand Rock Sioux who live on the Standing Rock Reservation. The encampment attracted upwards of 20,000 people who rotated in and out of the encampment,… Read More The Neo-Colonization and Termination of Native Reservations 2017

Tualatin Kalapuyans and Seasonal Rounds

  The Kalapuyan tribes were about 19 tribes and bands in the Willamette Valley. The tribes and bands  in the Tualatin valley were the Tualatin Kalapuyans. Historical documents also called these people Twalaty or Atfalati. Many Tualatin villages were situated around Wapato Lake. The lake provided a vast amount of resources, reeds and sedges for… Read More Tualatin Kalapuyans and Seasonal Rounds

Will Trump Terminate Tribal Reservations?

In the spring of 1954, the United States Congress was deliberating the termination of the western Oregon Tribes. Oregon Indian Agent E. Morgan Pryse sent numerous reports to the Secretary of the Interior, stating that the tribes, Grand Ronde, and Siletz, had not responded in approval to the termination bill (PL588) but “approved of termination… Read More Will Trump Terminate Tribal Reservations?

Mott’s Special Report on Grand Ronde and Siletz in 1858

In the first few years of the Western Oregon reservations, the Coast and Grand Ronde reservations, the federal government was still working to develop a good system of Indian administration. Many of the Indians were just recently arrived from a war, and were envisioned as being potentially violent.  On the reservations, there were murders, and… Read More Mott’s Special Report on Grand Ronde and Siletz in 1858

Houses of the Oregon Tribes

The question of what sorts of houses the Kalapuyans had has again surfaced. Over the years this question has been of prime importance. Many Americans, ignorant of the diversity and variability of Tribal cultures have assumed that tipis were the houses for all American Indians. This notion has informed generations of Americans and has been… Read More Houses of the Oregon Tribes

Two Treaties of General Joseph Lane and Chief Jo, Rogue River

This is an article meant to clear up some mistaken histories. In the past historians have mixed up the two treaties and the meetings between Joseph Lane and Chief Jo. At times historians have attributed the 1850 events as taking place in 1853. The history of Oregon Indians is not a neat and clean history… Read More Two Treaties of General Joseph Lane and Chief Jo, Rogue River

Manifest Destiny in American Policy

Manifest Destiny has plagued Native peoples of the United States for over 160 years. Historians have written extensively about the philosophy which seemed to become policy of the United States and its citizens in the 19th century. Under the notions of Manifest destiny ten of thousand of Indians were killed, Native Nations were pushed out… Read More Manifest Destiny in American Policy